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Thank you for your submission.  It has been successfully received. Now let's get to the NEXT STEP. 

The process of financing a vehicle has become increasingly streamlined and efficient. Financing a vehicle has never been easier.  One of the first steps in this process is completing an application form. With the click of a button, you can now easily download the form BELOW and complete it in the comfort of your own home. Finance experts in our extensive Dealer Network are there to negotiate the best possible deal on your new vehicle. Once we have reached an agreement that meets your needs and budget, we will present it to you for your approval.

To ensure that the financing process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible, we recommend that you have all of the necessary statutory documentation in place before submitting your application. 

Once your application is complete and all the necessary documentation is in order, you will need to forward it to the relevant Dealer that has met with our requirements. They will then be in contact with you to finalise the details and get you behind the wheel of your new vehicle as soon as possible.

Documentation to Upload:

  1. Proof of Identity (Passport or ID). 

  2. Proof of Address (Preferably your Utility Bill).

  3. Proof of Income (3 months of copies of Payslips or 6 months of copies if you are a commission or incentive earner). 

  4. To verify this income, 3 months of Bank Statements are required or 6 months if you are a commission or incentive earner. 

  5. If you are receiving steady sundry income from Property Rentals, Allowances from a trust, etc, you will need to disclose these to strengthen your application. 

  6. In the event that you are married in Community of Property (COP), it is mandatory to upload your Marriage Certificate or a certified copy.  

  7. Further information and documentation may be required by the banks, if it is deemed necessary to validate you and your ability to fulfill the requirements of the proposed debt.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the documents listed above are mandatory requirements for the financing process of a vehicle. These documents are required to verify the applicant's status and ability to fulfil the requirements of the proposed debt. Failing to provide these documents may result in the application being denied or delayed.  It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all information and documentation submitted is accurate and up-to-date.

Download Application Form

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